Tips For Coping With Trauma

Your student received information today that one of their classmates, a Stanwood High School freshman, passed away. At this time, we do not have information about memorial services.

Everyone responds differently to the loss of a classmate. Some students may be more impacted than others. We have asked our students to respect each other's way of grieving and help one another. Our counselors and other counselors from across the district are available to meet with them in the library and counseling center on the SHS Main Campus or the conference room on Church Creek Campus.

Please see the attached documents below for resources to help your teen deal with grief. If you have speical concerns about your son/daughter, please contact the Lincoln HIll Counselor, Christy Thompson.

Tips for Coping With Trauma

Talking with Children about Traumatic News or Events

Talking With and Helping Children Cope