About Lincoln Hill High School



Lincoln Hill High School offers a flexible learning environment providing students with opportunities to realize educational success.


The Stanwood-Camano School District offers an invitational learning environment at Lincoln Hill High School. The purpose of LHHS is to help each individual student reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, academically, and vocationally. Lincoln Hill High School reaches out to students who may struggle in their current educational setting or who require increased flexibility in their academic day.

Students interested in enrolling at Lincoln Hill High School must be eligible to attend schools in the Stanwood-Camano School District. In addition, candidates should follow the enrollment process, consult with their high school counselor, and meet with the LHHS administrator. The parent/guardian is encouraged to be involved during the enrollment process and to remain involved by supporting their student's academic efforts.

At present, Lincoln Hill High School offers these options.

  1. We offer a "Remote" program, where students work independently at home with the regular guidance of a teacher. The Remote Program is best suited for students who have a record of taking personal initiative and are highly motivated to learn and earn their credits toward their diploma. Students are required to have weekly contact with their assigned remote teacher. Students must maintain adequate progress in classes. Not making adequate progress will result in an Individualized Intervention Plan.
  2. We also have a "Classroom" model that offers a more traditional schedule, where students attend classes Monday through Friday. Class sizes are generally smaller, and teachers strive to personalize each student's education as much as possible.

All Lincoln Hill High School students are held to the same general academic standards as other high school students throughout the state.
Students need to prepare for and pass the state exit exam or a state-approved alternative in order to earn a high school diploma. Students are also expected to maintain proper attendance as detailed in this manual.


The school's main objective is to assist students to make the most out of their education. Since we offer some contracted credits, some students choose to "catch up" on their credits at Lincoln Hill High School and return to Stanwood High School. Others may choose to complete their required coursework at LHHS.

LHHS offers a supportive environment for academic progress. We are a community of learners reflecting a broad range of academic levels, lifestyle choices, and personality types. Teachers are concerned not only with academics but the development of the whole student. There is flexibility in time management and materials used, but the quality of learning and stress on academic success is not compromised. There is a multidisciplinary approach to much of the curriculum. Continual assessment of the individual student's academic and social progress is emphasized.

The school year is divided into eight sessions. Progress is measured at the end of each session. In order to meet academic goals, it is important that every student attend class regularly with the desire and capability to participate.

Successful students are those that are willing to become involved with the school and take responsibility for their own education. They must be willing to follow the rules and guidelines as well as work with the teachers in defining and achieving their own academic success. The following pages detail each of the four LHHS programs.


The LHHS program offers a six-period day, Monday through Friday. In addition to traditional classes, students may also take learning support classes where, with the help of a teacher, students work, study, and track their academic progress. They are held accountable for any contracted independent classes such as English, history, math, and science. Students may also complete independent elective classes.

Students will have the opportunity to earn credit as course requirements are completed. Credits may be awarded by session or by semester. This will vary by teacher.


Students participating in the Lincoln Hill High School Remote Learning program fall under the Washington State guidelines for Alternative Learning Experiences. Students and teachers are required to have a written student learning plan, and to have a signed "Statement of Understanding" in their file.

To be a successful student in the LHHS contract-based or independent program, a student must be self-disciplined and focused on academics. The independent student must be able to dedicate at least 30 hours to studies at home each week to be successful.

Students are required to meet weekly with their teacher. Once established, weekly appointments must be attended by the student.

Each month, students in the Independent Program will be considered "Satisfactory" if they make their appointments and complete the work agreed upon with their teacher. A student performing at an "Unsatisfactory" level for a session will be placed on an Individual Improvement Plan. If the student is unsuccessful for a second session he/she may be withdrawn from the program.