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My mission is to work collaboratively with students, parents, faculty, administration, and the community to provide all students with consistent comprehensive guidance counselingServices include: individual course and career planning, individual and group support, and counseling. My goal is to assist students to grow in their academic, personal, social, and career development. I seek to help students and families to learn well and overcome barriers to a quality educational experience.


Who am I?

“I have sawdust in my blood.”  Meaning that I am a farm girl at heart, without a farm.  When I was young, I was in 4-H and showed Guernsey’s, chickens, and beef cows here in the area. (Thank you Gramma, Aunt D, and Uncle P.)  I went to Washington State University for two and a half years, married, and transferred to Portland State University where I completed my BS in Elementary Education.

After some very incredibly wonderful and then very difficult times, I went to Graduate School and became a Mental Health Professional.  I hold a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and have been a professional mental health counselor, dual diagnosis counselor, and certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (Oregon credentials). 

I am blessed to be the mother of 3 talented and amazing “adulting” children. They are all very different, and each one gave me some huge parenting challenges.  Our house now includes 2 dachshunds, and 2 best, worst, terrible cats.  Recently I was given the incredible gift of meeting and marrying a wonderful man. I enjoy sewing, quilting, travel, animals, family, and friends. 





This is a great video that explains what ADD can look like functionallyGerry Brooks is a very successful Elementary School Principal who creates silly videos about the woes of being a teacher and/or principalHe travels the country doing some comedy shows every now and thenThis video, while using his “put-on accent” for humor's sake really describes a serious subject. It is humorous and extremely revealing how education is negatively impacted.

DEPRESSION: Depression is a serious mental illness that can interfere with a person's life. The signs of depression could include long-lasting feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and even apathy. Unlike sadness or short-term depression, clinical depression often requires medical intervention.

The following 4-minute video is a good general overview of depression symptoms and usual treatments.  


"What is Depression?" Video Link


This video has some of the same information as the first one, but it is presented a bit differently and gives suggestions about how to help someone who is showing signs of depressionIt is worth viewing both videos.


"What is depression?" TedEd Animation Video Link


Depression in teens can look different than Adult DepressionThis 7.5-minute video does a good job of talking about depression in teenagers and speaks to the brain changes that are occurring in all teens. 


"Ten Warning Signs of Depression in Teenagers" Video Link


This video describes how depression truly feels.  It is definitely worth your time to view this if someone you care about suffers from depression.


"This is How Depression Feels" Video Link


ANXIETY & TEENAGE ANXIETY  This 7-minute video discusses the difference between “normal” teenage angst and true anxiety with helpful suggestions.


Child Mind Institute's video - "How Anxiety Affects Teenagers"


Child Mind Institute’s video “Ten Tips for Parenting Anxious Kids”.


GIRL'S MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES: Why they are more vulnerable than boys, and what signs and symptoms you should look for.



FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER Find information to help you support children who are struggling with mental health, behavior, or learning challenges.


Child Mind Institute - Family Resource Center Website Link***


*** Excellent Resource about several Mental Health Diagnosis with tips on how to best parent children who meet the diagnostic criteria including ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Behavior Problems, Depression & Mood Disorders, Learning Disorders, Learning Disorders, Screen Time & Technology and Developmental Norms for Teens & Young Adults.